Monday, December 8, 2008

Launched the New website today

You would think after launching a number of websites it would get easier.  Wrong!  It's always much harder to marketing for you own company then for others.  We started this new site almost a year ago and finally got it launched today!!!  We still have a few things to finish but for the most part I'm very pleased.  Hope you like it too.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Old dogs can learn new tricks

I shot this project for one of those rare clients that said, "We like what you do and want you to do a shot for us. We want to illustrate that we teach, train and do workshops to help educate our customers." Is that it, I asked? Yep!

How fun is that? A wide open shoot where one can be as creative as you want! Right off the bat the brain started whirling with different ideas. I thought how fun would it be to find an old school house with an old slate chalkboard and shoot their company mascot in front of it- as if he were going over today's lesson.

I started my career as a film photographer and I get asked all the time if I like shooting digital. I always answer, "I wouldn't go back. I can illustrate so many more images and concepts the way I see them in my head with digital." This is a perfect example. Hope you enjoy.