Friday, May 10, 2013

Food DP project

We recently were asked to be the D.O.P. ( Director of Photography ) on a Jose Ole food project with our friends @BicMedia.

With our years of experience shooting food we bring a lot of know how on how the food industry likes their product lit and styled.  We bring that same experience and expertise to our motion projects.

Food motion in may ways are very similar to stills and yet very different.  In the end both need to communicate what your client wants the audience to know about their product or service.

New Product

Food stylist and assistant food stylist hard at work prepping product.

Working with the crew on shot angle

Yes, they let me touch the camera.

Hoping not to get my hands slapped by the food stylist.

A lot of hand waving going on here.

Working with the director and crew to get the perfect shot.

Click to see final video

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweeeet Shoot

We recently had the opportunity to work on a sweeeet project shooting models of
a star, a heart, and a flower -- all made of candy.

Not only did we shoot these beauties for posters, but we were also asked to do
a stop-motion animation series. How cool is that?!

Here are some fun, behind the scenes shots of the sets and the final images.

We can't wait to see the project completed.

A big shout out goes to our friend Dale Frommelt @EGG props and models
for his outstanding work. Great job Dale!

Candy star set.
Dale Frommelt adjusting the star for the stop-motion animation.
Close-up of an animation stop.
Final star image.
Checking out the heart image with our client.
Dale marking the animation stops for the heart stop-motion animation.
Lights. Action. Start turning!
Candy heart final shot.
Discussing the motion sequence with our client.
Dale Frommelt moving one of the leaves to animate the flower.
Watching Dale do his thing.
Final flower image.