Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Fish Story

From time to time, we do pro-bono or reduced cost projects for small start-up companies, especially if we like what they're doing or like their product. This was one of those projects.

Quixotic Farming is a Tilapia farm operation in Colorado and Missouri. If there was an "organic fish" designation for fish farming, they would have it. Quixotic Farming Tilapia is raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and the water in the tanks is filtered constantly. 
The result is very healthy and clean-tasting fish.

Part of the project was to photograph some of their whole fresh fish -- Fish Portraiture as it were.
These fish were so good looking, the women at the studio just had to name them:
Timmy, Tommy, Terence, Tilly and Tina.

Me, getting fresh with Tilly.

Tommy, can you turn your head to the right a just a little bit more?

Can you say "Gold"fish?  Tina, you're beautiful!

Say "hi" to Eric Ely, our client, fish purveyor, and a really nice guy.

Working with our awesome food stylist to show how flakey and moist the fish is. 

Checking out the final shot.

Sarah can't wait to sample a morsel of this delicious fish.

Fish Tacos -- muy delicioso.
Hawaiian Fish Patty -- aloha!