Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beverage photography

We recently shot some holiday drinks for one of our awesome clients.  We shot groups of drinks and also some single drinks with bottles in the background.  I'm always amazed how much time, effort and equipment it takes to do some shots.  Our client wanted the shots to look like someone had set down their drink in a contemporary New York uptown apartment overlooking Time Square.  It was fun! The project ended up to be one of those experiments; keep shooting until we see something we like! We ended up with some brilliant shots that convey a sophisticated urban style.   Can't wait to show off the final shots. 

Strobe and time exposures were used for the christmas lights.

To make sure everything went as planned we brought on a full time retoucher to make sure everything fit together.

If you're not in the business, this is fake ice.  It comes in all different sizes and shapes.  This is about $1000.00 worth of ice.  Not cheap but looks awesome in a drink.

Getting photo bombed by our retoucher.   Every piece of ice and every garnish is perfectly placed for the best visual impact.

Making sure the water droplets on the front of the glass don't get above the liquid fill line.

We hand picked every raspberry for their perfect shape and color.

The stylist did a beautiful job of styling the chocolate swirls-It's harder than it looks.

Consistant Visual Branding

Lately we've had the privilege to work on some nation food brands, both still images and motion for TV and web commercials. 

As with most endeavors in our business there's lots of crew and vendors involved. This helps make the project run smooth and bring the client's vision to reality.   In previous posts we have discussed the importance of not only traditional branding but also "Visual Branding" in today's marketplace.

We pride ourselves in the ability to accomplish "Visual Branding" across the mediums of still and motion.  The benefit is a consistant message and increased brand awareness.  A perfect example is "Target Inc.".  Most of the time I can tell it's a "Target" ad or commercial before I ever see the logo.


Putting the final touches on lighting and composition.

Working as D.P. on the video commercial.

Getting our models pumped so they show the right expression for our still shots.

Viewing playback to make sure everything looks awesome.