Friday, December 21, 2012

There's more than one way to make a bed.

 Recently we were asked by our client, Trapp Candles, to produce a number of images depicting different scent profiles for their new line of products. It's always amazing what goes into producing images. One required a bed set-up . . . and I'm guessing our bed didn't resemble yours at home.

The bed and headboard were a combo of apple boxes and foam core.

Putting the final touches on the Duvet and sheets.

Making sure everything is clean and in perfect position.

Checking the lighting for the final exposure.

This is how I wake up every morning -- steaming hot cup of tea, flowers and a romantic candle. (;-) 

A version of the final photo.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jet Set photos

When I talk about the "jet set" I'm not talking about a group of people that fly around the world on their jets. I'm referring to a aircraft hanger where I'm photographing a jet.

We've been having fun lately shooting some high-end jets for ads. It's a blast to have some out-of-the-ordinary challenges that we don't normally have. 

The final shot had a couple of business executives sitting in the seats using iPads. I'll have to show the ad later on, but for now, I think the interior came out looking nice.

It was great making this shot look like we were flying on a bright sunny day with a few clouds, when in reality, we were in a poorly lit aircraft hanger.

Photography is a trip!

Monday, October 22, 2012

It looks like a little Pizza Factory around here.

We recently shot a large buffet table as part of a shoot for our client.  One of the products in the buffet was pizza.  We needed a lot of them and they needed to look hot.  The client brought in a pizza oven and our two food stylist and assistant started our behind the scenes little pizza factory.  

Loading the pizza with goodies

Duel lines of pizza's cooking.

All bubbly and hot

All golden brown and oohie gooie

Arranging the pizza slices on set.

Everyone is hang'n anticipating the final ooey gooey shot.

Problem solving is what we do.

We were recently challenged to photograph an ad campaign for a client where we needed to shoot the same product on location and in the studio.  The final image is a split view of the same product in to different environments at the same exact focal length and position.
Our solution was to have our friends at Machine Head build us a camera bracket that would affix the product in the same position in front of the camera no matter where we were shooting.  This made post production a lot easier.

Final image
Shooting product in water

Testing out our camera bracket

Some fun out takes of us playing around. 

Look mom no hands

Background in motion

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A fun way to cut your pizza

Sometimes my job is just too fun.  This project was to show a beautiful pizza with a cheese pull.  However, this pizza product had some challenges.   The product is designed to be cooked from a frozen state.  If you let it thaw, cut the pizza crust, and re-freeze, the crust doesn't perform as it is designed to.  The solution was to cut the slice out of the pizza crust while it was still frozen.  We tried to do it with a knife but the crust was so cold it would shatter.  The solution, power tools!  I got my trusty power saw out and started cutting.  Guess what, it worked like a charm, and it was a blast.  How often do you get to cut your pizza with a power saw?

Some were a little skeptical!  (:-)

No, I didn't cut my fingers off or cut a big gash in the countertop.

As you can see, we were able to make a great slice in the frozen pizza crust.  Let the pizza styling begin!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Recently we had the privilege to work on a major campaign for one of the nations largest tire and automotive retail companies which owns over eight nation chain brands all around the USA.

We were hired to bring a more real "Americana" ( not staged ) look and feel to their Brands.  

This was a major project with 10 crew members, months of planning and location scouting.

We often collaborated with hair and make-up stylist, food stylist, etc on projects but in today's ever changing advertising market place we are now collaborating with an even broader group of talent.  

Today, we are collaborating with film companies, production companies, producers, and other photographers.  Yes, I said it, other photographers!  No one photographer can be all things to all clients.  

We wanted to provide our client with the best possible outcome so on this project we collaborated with our friend James Meierotto to bring the right look and feel for this project.  In our opinion it was a win-win for everyone involved.  The client agreed and was thrilled with the results.  We are alway's thrilled to collaborate on projects to provide our clients with the results they need.

This was a fast paced project with lots of people and equipment.  We were shooting with 3 cameras on this project.

The first shot of any project always take a little time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You don't always see hair and make-up being done in a tire and automotive store!

A little shade anyone?

Photo's are look'n good!

Part of the process was to make sure everything we shot was authentic and all the equipment we operated was being used correctly. 

Brian Mangan, our production coordinator did an awesome job mapping out the shoot schedule!!!!

Chris, one of our photo assistants down loading some images on the fly.


A little make-up anyone?

So glad we were near a tire store!!!!

Caught ya!  (:-)

Retro Red

Doing some quick editing as we go.
Thanks to everyone on this project for a great shoot!

Here are a couple of the final shots.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sometimes the business of Advertising can be so ironic

We have been shooting on a number of large high profile clients lately.  All top secret advertising! (:-)

Recently we worked on a project for ( ............... ).  It was one of the smoothest shoots we have worked on in some time.  We had a Great client, Awesome crew, and Fantastic agency.  Everything was Awesome.

On the ( ................ ) project we had 2 sets to make to project run more efficient.

I can show you one of our awesome lunches.

Oh, and I can show you some of the tools we used too.

This is where the product was!

Sometimes you can to have a little fun and still respect the clients wishes.

Hope you enjoy the post. (:-)

Photos by Intern Arne Wilkin