Thursday, May 3, 2012

One thing leads to another and another and another

It's rare these days to be asked to shoot a project for a client if you don't have any photographs in your portfolio that depict the look or type of product your client wasn't to see.

Ahh, that's where a visionary agency, creative director and art director comes in.

I worked for this agency in the past doing some food photography.  We shot some really cool stuff even though it was food.

I got an email not so long ago wanting to know if I would be interested in working together with then to create a whole new 'Visual Brand" for some 15-25 million dollar aircraft.

Let's see, Hmm, I get to be creative, Create a new 'Visual Brand" and play with some big boy toys!

I thought I better keep my cool so I said " How about I do a test for you and see what you think.  In my mind I was jumping up and down with excitement!  WooHoo!!!!

Well, One thing led to another,

To another

To another

To another

We're thrilled, the agency is happy and the client is totally excited about their New "Visually Branded"  images.

I can't wait to post some of the new ads we've been doing.

It's awesome when creatives and clients work together and let photographers truly be creative!