Thursday, August 21, 2008

The difference a lunch can make.

It's interesting the difference a good lunch can make in a photo shoot.  We pride ourselves in having great lunches when we do a photo shoot.  It's a great way to relax and enjoy a good meal together and spend some time getting to know everyone on a more social and personal level.  We estimated on a project not too long ago were the budget was so tight we had to eliminate the breakfast and lunches from the project at the agencies request.  Wow, that was uncomfortable.  It wasn't too long before everyone realized how important a meal can be to a photo shoot.  What many don't realize is that breakfast and lunches for a photo shoot aren't just meals they are times of enjoyment in what is many times a stressful event.  Lunch at the studio is normally a fun event where the client can pick lunch from 50 some menus form restaurants all across the city.  Everyone gets to order whatever they want.  It's almost like a family dinner where people tell stories, we have good laughs and many times we all eat too much.  Then there is desert.  Fresh hot cookies fresh out of the oven, cheese cake, tiramisu, dove bars, etc.  If someone is having a birthday then we go get a cake, usually a tall layered chocolate cake with thick chocolate icing.

Food at a photo shoot is much more than a meal, it's the heart of hospitality and an extension of friendship that says, we enjoy your company.   

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