Thursday, December 8, 2011

84 Pounds of instant mashed potatoes later....

In a casual conversation about doing some new food images our associate photographer Tiffany Matson suggested I do a shot of a winter scene that was made of all edible items.  Hmm,  That sounds like a fun challenge.

84 pounds of mashed potatoes, 25 pounds of sugar, rock candy, cauliflower, pretzels, mushrooms, sugar cones, jerk spice, etc. later we came up with a fun winter scene.

Shots of the scene being roughed in.

Food stylist Sarah Hunt putting the finishing touches on the winter scene.

Putting powdered sugar on the sugar cone pine trees.  Although it didn't appear in the final images you can see we included a small stream in the set.

Set assistant Braden Edwards mixing another batch of instant mashed potatoes for the base of the set.

Braden adding rock candy as a rock wall next to the road.


Jennifer said...

Great work! I admire your imagination and inventiveness. Merry Christmas from Iowa where it is snowing big fluffy white flakes tonight. Looks like we will get a white Christmas after all..

David D. Morris said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Your comments are appreciated!