Friday, February 17, 2012

Simplicity Sells

It might not be the latest fad in photography.  It doesn't use all the latest filters and techniques, but Simplicity Sells!  Beautifully lit, well designed, clean photographs are some of the sexiest and most beautiful imagery out there.
In advertising photography, the point is to grab and hold the attention of the viewer and to clearly communicate to them your message.

Let me give you three examples:



and now J.C. Pennies

Some of these, for years, have sold their products with simple, clean, beautifully lit, well designed images.

I'm not saying you can't sell with other styles of photography, but it's hard to argue with clean, clear

A nice clean Margarita on ice.

A little behind the scene shot of some of the supplies it took to shoot a few simple drinks.

Which reminds me, just because it's a simple, clean shot doesn't mean it's any less complex than a shot with all kinds of props and atmosphere.   In fact I would suggest just the opposite.  When the image is the only item in the advertisement, it draws all the attention and it better be perfect.

Photoshop allow you to do make all the behind the scenes props disappear.


Food Freak Frank said...

I love this style of photography. I agree that it is a very successful way to get attention. You did a great job capturing those images in your kitchen! Thanks for the tips.

David D. Morris said...

Thanks, Frank!